Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty confirmed as Free-to-Play

Amazon Games has revealed the business model to their upcoming MMO Throne and Liberty. That is TL will be free-to-play if there are no changes to this announcement. We can see this news from Amazon Games’ banner.

In addition, there are rumors that we will hear the date to the global beta soon since Amazon Games finally announced their game’s business model. Perhaps June 8? However there appears to be criticisms (if not problems) to the game design related to the free-to-play model. According to Sedaily, a South Korean article, the game will feature auto-play functionality. Thus players will result to botting when auto-play and free-to-play exist. Which could skew the actual player count and also discourage players focusing on a main character.

Now there’s an idea *laughs*. Implement an official bot function instead. We can imagine a player running several machines while ‘playing’ TL. However, there is still no actual experience as to how their auto-play or auto-hunt function looks like; I would prefer to a first hand experience than making calls from a UI. So let’s hop on that global beta if we get the chance. But honestly, I’ll still give this TL a try.

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