Lost Ark One Year Anniversary

Lost Ark’s First Birthday With Great Rewards

Lost Ark: One Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday Lost Ark

Lost Ark is 1 year old, and there has been a lot happening in the game. First of all, let’s take a look at the statistics that they have gathered. It’s fascinating to see all those big numbers. As a raid boss, imagine dying 31 million times. If they were just a regular employee, they probably quit their job a long time ago already. Furthermore, from the player’s perspective, these numbers are just uniquely amazing. You can see how active is the game and loved by players.

Lost Ark Statistics
Lost Ark’s Statistics

Celebrating Lost Ark

Lost Ark prepared a lot of events and rewards for this special occasion. In addition to the events, there are two monthly log-in rewards full of birthday gifts as well which include a mount! There are also birthday cards scattered around Arkesia which give you a valuable reward. You’ll need to collect them then head to Exchange Merchant Bursery to collect your anniversary gifts. The cards are divided into 3, a ‘Happy’ card, a ‘Birthday’ card, and a ‘Lost Ark’ card, where each card can be redeemed for a variety of weekly and roster level rewards that include skins, honing materials, card packs, and more!

  • ‘Happy’ Card – Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons
  • ‘Birthday’ Card – Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids
  • ‘Lost Ark’ Card – New Hot Spring Event

Hot Spring Event

In addition to those events, there’s also this daily HOT SPRING event where you can earn the ‘Lost Ark’ card. This event needs good teamwork as you need to break the other team’s ducky to get a point. You can only compete once per Roster per day.

In the competition, two teams will face off, armed with ducky hammers and vying to collect the rubber duckies. Break the other team’s duck toy shield with your hammer to get the “duck toy” buff. Keep the buff and make it to your team’s finish line to score points. Protect your teammates who have the duck toy buff, or stop the opposing team’s buff to prevent them from getting points. Even if you’re losing by a lot, don’t give up! You can destroy the opposing team’s duck basket (where they keep their duck toys) for a lot of points, but remember, you also need to stop the opposing team from destroying your team’s duck basket.Lost Ark
Hot Spring Event
Hot Sring Event

Is it too late to play Lost Ark?

Not really since you can easily catch up on this game. Furthermore, you will need to invest a lot of time since this game requires alt characters farming consistently so that your main character can get all the gears needed for the end game.

If you just want to try the game for a short period of time, it is also worth noting that recently, Lost Ark has a system in place where if you only play briefly, it will flag your account and may even get a VAC ban. They have this system in place to try and prevent botters but somehow, it’s also affecting the real players who just wanted to try the game. However, if somehow you ended up getting the VAC ban, you can submit a ticket to appeal using this link.

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