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Who Are We?

We’re Kevin and Kandi Zeller, a pair of writer/editors committed to each other and to helping others understand and express the truths of God’s Word—with confidence, humor, and kindness.


Kevin Zeller

Kevin Zeller

Kevin starting writing fiction in high school and has been telling humorous and adventure-filled stories since he was small. His first published piece was done in the style of C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and appeared in his college’s student circular. Since then, he’s edited, written, and published fictional and non-fictional stories in school, work, blog, and freelance contexts. He’s worked as a student PR writer for Kuyper College, an editorial intern for Credo Communications, and as a freelance theological reviewer for Keys for Kids Ministries. Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Bible/Theology.


Kandi Zeller

With a bachelor’s in English, Kandi thoroughly enjoys words, theology, and encouraging others. She’s the former editorial assistant for the Keys for Kids devotional and now works as editor of its teen devotional outgrowth, Unlocked. Kandi has also worked as a children’s ministry coordinator/director and has served as a corporate worship leader, a children’s Sunday school teacher, and in church volunteer leadership roles for teens and young adults. She loves helping members of the body of Christ revel in the truths of God’s Word and the promises of Jesus, regardless of their age or background.