Asus ROG Armoury Crate – Not so reliable software

Does Asus really care about its customers? | the Armoury Crate Experience

What is Armoury Crate?

Armoury Crate is a software portal that displays real-time performance and settings information for connected devices. The software works with ROG and ASUS product lines, and it allows users to change system profiles as well as lighting settings on all compatible connected devices. ASUS. (2015, April 21). [ASUS Armoury Crate] Armoury Crate Supported Devices. ASUS. https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1042459

I have been a ROG fan ever since Asus came up with the brand. I even bought a ROG-themed gaming computer with almost all ROG components in it. I thought that I would be rewarded with a top-of-the-line experience, but no. The community and I are always complaining about how the developers of the software are slacking off on giving a constant update to fix bugs. I’m sure other people are frustrated about the lackluster of this multi-billion company when it can clearly shine among the rest of its competition.

Armoury Crate

As you can see in the image above, it doesn’t detect my GPU and RAM.

A lot of people in the ROG community have been complaining about the software using considerable CPU usage (around 20% of my CPU i9 10900k), about how the RGB is broken, and about not detecting other ROG components to customize the lighting. I have never been this disappointed with ROG as there’s little to no support at all. Thinking of how they can come up with the technology, ROG should be able to address these simple shortcomings. 

When I updated my Armoury Crate to version, it stopped detecting my G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM and my Asus ROG Strix RTX 3090 resulting in uncontrollable lighting effects. Considering that I’ve invested on current top-tier hardware, I should be able to enjoy the RGB customization via their very own software. The users are relying on this software so that they can change the live dash of their Ryujin, their top of the line AIO. Consumers are reporting that it’s not remembering the latest setting and they have to set it every time they turn on their computer. 

Don’t get me wrong here. They manufacture a lot of the best hardware in the world and I love their products. The looks and designs of each component are amazing, which is the reason I chose the brand over the others, but Asus ROG should address these bugs from the start. Which is why people are frustrated on how ROG is giving off that the state of Armoury Crate is “good enough”.

An Asus ROG admin replied to the Armoury Crate (v. thread recently that they will release a manual update soon for Armoury Crate that could potentially fix the known bugs listed but they have not specified an actual release date for the said patch. Right now, we just need to be patient and trust the developers that they would improve this software and fix all the bugs for the features which are crucial to their hardware.

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