a man overlooking an uncharted place.

New World: Change Tracker

a man overlooking an uncharted place.
New World: Change Tracker.

If you are returning to Aeternum in New World after a hiatus, check and bookmark our New World: Change Tracker to see the list of notable changes in the game. I’ve decided to write this article, because returning players are always asking what changed on global. It would also be interesting to see how much change and progress develop in New World.

New World: Change Tracker – Risen Reviews

November to December 2021

  • Gypsum kiln can be found on outposts, Ebonscale Reach, and Reekwater.
  • Gypsum is turned into special caches called Gypsum Casts to roll a gear that guarantees an expertise bump.
  • Running on a path grants 10% speed boost.
  • Void Gauntlet added.

January 2022

  • You can now check your items from other settlements / outposts and move stuff around for free using the current storage.
    • It used to be that you can only transfer items from another settlement that is controlled by your faction AND had to pay a fee to transfer.
  • Level 60 drops with at least the current gear score are no longer guaranteed. More frequently, the drop will have lower GS.
    • In the early days, players rushed to level 60 and 500+ gear score; they were able to increase their average gear score faster since drops will always be equal or higher than the equipment’s gear score.
  • Buying a higher gear scored item will have its GS reduced to the average gear score for that category.
  • Blunderbuss added (March 2022).
  • Heart of Madness introduces the Tempest Expedition (March 2022), a continuation to Isabella’s story.
  • The capacity of player storage chests have doubled (e.g. the lowest chest capacity doubled from 200lbs to 400lbs).
  • Faction missions while daily bonus is active now displays the actual amount of coin and faction token rewards.
    • No more multiplying the rewards by 10.
  • Orbs are no longer required to enter expeditions.
    • Remaining orbs in the inventory have been turned into caches with respective loot.
  • Weekly Expedition limit is introduced due to eliminating the expedition tuning orbs.
  • Market orders list all items from all settlements.
    • During the early phase, some players were paid just to do price checks.
  • You can now move while casting a Life Staff skill.
    • You no longer stand still while casting healing embrace, sacred ground, etc.
  • Fast travel no longer consumes a lot of Azoth. The highest toll is 20 Azoth regardless of inventory weight.
    • Restless Shore fort also offers a free fast travel perk when captured.
  • Property tax is capped at 1%!
    • Also listed as ‘extreme’.
  • Voidbent sets are now relatively easier to craft with a significant reduction to the number of motes required. You only need 500 motes per category to be able to craft a whole set.
    • It used to be 250 per mote category * 10 energy cores to craft a SINGLE armor piece.
  • You can now access your inventory while moving.
  • Switching weapons during combat is less janky.
  • Passive HP regeneration is introduced. When out of combat, your HP slowly regenerates.
    • Even if your gear has no “regeneration” perk, nor have consumed any food.
  • Max gear score increased to 625. +1 stat at 618+ gs.
  • Clicking on a settlement will now also display the content of your storage there.
  • 3v3 Arenas introduced (May 2022).
  • Camp skins can be changed by creating a camp first and interacting with it.
    • Camp level and skin used to be indicated on the player’s loadout screen.
  • Five music instruments are introduced in the game along with music sheets to collect.
  • Music skill trade introduced (August 2022). Perks at a higher level of Music include increased encumbrance for a period of time, and increased luck on drops.
    • These buffs are activated by tipping the musician.
  • New expedition on Cutlass Keys: Barnacles & Black powder (August 2022).
  • Only the top tier reagents remain for crafting as low-tier reagents are phased out. For example, remaining sand flux can be salvaged to turn into Obsidian Flux.
  • Property Tax is renamed as Property Upkeep and is still capped at 1%.
  • Group finder introduced help find a party on expeditions (September 2022).
  • Learned recipes will now have grayed out “Learn” button and a properly labeled tooltip.

Brimstone Sands (October 2022)

  • New zone: Brimstone Sands, with two outposts, one fort, and the New Corsica settlement.
  • Brimstone Sands fort offers 10% gathering yield bonus.
  • Addition of the Great Sword weapon and skillset.
  • New mobs.
  • The Ennead expedition.
  • New housing furniture brought by Brimstone theme.
  • New materials such as sandstone, sulfur, and more. For example, Golden Scarab allows crafters to select two perks.
  • Many shrines added across Aeternum.
  • Revamped Monarch’s Bluffs and Everfall. Houses have become slightly bigger.
  • New points of interests where you can meetup with your faction such as the Covenant Shrine, Syndicate Enclave and Marauder Enclave.
  • New quests added for new playthroughs. So starting a new character has been revamped.
  • 600gs bags and tools now available! Epic bags and tools have 4 perks, legendary bags and tools have 5 perks.
  • Named items will be labeled on the tooltip. New Named / Legendary items will have an animated background on their icon.
  • Recall to inn cooldown is reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Addition of the third character slot per account (November 2022).
  • Callout symbols / shapes added to party members (December 2022).
  • We can now see who controls the territories again by default – we don’t have to turn that filter or enter PVP mode.
  • Azoth icon changed.
  • Introduction of Faction Story Quests and new main story quests.
  • Factionless players can join a company but cannot participate in wars.
  • You can properly remove friends on the social menu / friends list.

Introduction of Season 1 Update (April 2023)

  • Empyrean Forge Expedition added.
  • Seasons introduced with storylines and content to unlock.
  • Journey (or grind) this season from level 1 to level 100 item unlocks. Levels and items can be purchased by Marks.
  • Introduction of activity cards this season to gain exp toward the Season Level.
  • New animation such as wading through waters.
  • Server merges again – bye bye NA East – Orofena. From Neritum to Lin Lin to Orofena, now merged with Maramma.
  • Most of the balance changes have been buffs (see NW update 1.9.2).

New World updates and news articles are posted on https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news. We will add more more sections to the article in the future as we head into New World’s first anniversary in September and beyond.

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