How To Get the Scoundrel’s Fancy Apparel in New World

New World: Scoundrel’s Fancy Apparel

A new Twitch drop is available for keeps on New World. The Scoundrel’s Fancy Apparel will run on August 9 until September 5, 2:00 CDT. You will only need to watch a participating live channel for 4 hours in order to claim the skin on New World.

How to claim the Scoundrel’s Fancy Apparel on New World in Twitch

  1. Login to your Twitch account.
  2. Click on your profile icon.
  3. Click drops.
  4. On your drops page, click All Campaigns and choose New World.
    Note: If your Twitch account is not yet connected to your Steam account, you will need to click the Connect button. Connecting Twitch through the New World’s Social menu is still bugged.
  5. Click Go to a Participating Live channel link (e.g. channels #dropsenabled) and watch a Twitch stream. The stream must only be active – you do not have to watch the actual stream. You can mute the stream as well.
  6. Refresh your Inventory page (your Twitch profile icon -> drops), to keep track of your progress. Occasionally check the stream to see that the streamer is still playing New World, or that the channel has Twitch drops enabled.

How to equip the skin

  1. When successfully claimed, log in to New World.
  2. Open your inventory, and click each armor piece to choose change skin. The new Scoundrel’s Fancy Apparel skin piece will have new labeled as well.
  3. Or you can go to Store and look for the Scoundrel’s Fancy Apparel where you can equip the set altogether.

The chest piece and hat is especially nice as the whole outfit makes you look like a Prospector, or a rogue merchant. The store needs more in-game purchasable content that is NOT time limited. It feels like AGS is pressuring folks to buy the store item, because no one knows it will return next season.

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