7 Anticipated RPGs Hyping Me This Year

There is always at least a new RPG to anticipate every year. It keeps our gaming persona giddy and hopeful until their release date while we grind in Real Life. Much like how I anticipated for a new game/MMO last year, a new RPG keeps the year fresh for me. Here are seven of my most anticipated RPGs for the now until their release. 

7. Fable 4

(credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Fable is a title I simply couldn’t give up on despite the criticisms of the sequels. That is, the irony that critics always find “missing” features. I was enamored with the original title when it came out. They can label the sequels as lackluster — and granted we don’t talk about spin-offs (e.g. the cancelled Fable Legends). I also understand that we were expecting something new so there is that blandness in the sequels. The bottom line is there was nothing that utterly drove me off from Fable.

It’s time to try and give Fable 4, officially titled Fable, a chance especially with all this next-gen hardware and updates on game design. I admit that the Fable (reboot) will either be the make or break opportunity for the series. I hope for romance, a family keeping, a house building mechanic, the usual vibrant sceneries during the day, the dark bleak dangerous swamps, and more immersion on this upcoming Fable.

6. The Outer Worlds 2

(credit: Microsoft / Obsidian Entertainment)

Something was missing in The Outer Worlds which did not pull me in. There was a lack of modding and a lack of immersion despite the vastness of outer space. I felt like I didn’t connect with my companions. They didn’t connect with me either. I was looking for romance or camaraderie or respect. Thus the game felt more of a parody (but even BF Bad Company connected with me). RPG these days need to have the extra sauce that lets us do something else besides finishing the main story whether it would be a relationship progression, or a sandbox dynamic.

The Outer Worlds stayed true to its name as it was about the outer worlds. The game is about the missions. I thought that the game design would allow for players to build a frontier outpost or a hideout since the playable locations are divided in zones. Players could have built outposts that were saved in that zone. Alas there was none.

Here’s to me wishing that the sequel will have more immersion and customization to it. I want to build space ships! I want to build frontier outposts! I want to have friends in space! Hopefully The Outer Worlds 2 gives us with more immersion and modding. Plus more of the comedy and the brilliant writing.

5. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

(credit: Nintendo / Game Freak / The Pokemon Company)

I’m not excited just because it has Pokemon labeled on it. I’m excited because it’s a new gen and a new world to explore. I hope to see Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will use the seamless combat mechanic in Pokemon: Arceus.

The quick encounter, being able to move near or away during combat, the reduction of text prompts, the streamlined battle is simply a welcomed breakthrough. It was how encounters were sought and felt. If the battle mechanics revert to the traditional style, then that would take my hype down a notch.

Anyway, I’m excited how players will also be bonding with their Pokemon in PS/V. I loved how they emphasized on it in Pokemon Sword and Shield via camping. Team-building and bonding is the immersion aspect of the adventure. Furthermore, real-time coop may be introduced according to trailer. That’s new!

4. The Elder Scrolls VI

(credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

Of course I’m excited for The Elder Scrolls VI. Who isn’t? Elder Scrolls VI means another medieval fantasy sandbox. Bethesda will now use their Creation Engine 2. Can we finally get a vanilla medieval homestead builder? Or perhaps a fief rulership? I can imagine having the quaint experience of living in a medieval village gathering herbs and slaying critters. But once the higher duty calls, I can travel back to my own castle. All official. In addition, seeing TES VI means Bethesda can finally work on Fallout 5! And I don’t need to mention that Fallout 5 is confirmed. And I don’t need to mention that I’m also anticipating for Fallout 5!

3. Dragon’s Dogma 2

(Credit: Capcom)

Dragon’s Dogma was a novel idea for me on the Playstation 3. The Pawn system, and dark survival-horror was exactly what I was looking for with my Playstation 3. That’s when I truly understood the beauty of action RPG, world exploration, and gritty survival at night. Each boss fight was akin to Monster Hunter without the exaggerated gigantic weapons on the player. The graphics was awesome.

Exploring Gransys had to be involved with preparing a stock of health items which make the adventure authentic knowing that staying late out can spell doom. Although I found the lore lacking and other RPG immersion (such as a housing system, romance, etc.), I imagine that the next Dragon’s Dogma will be amazing. Especially when it will run on native 60fps. How will the Pawn system improve, I leave that to Capcom.

2. Starfield

(credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

The reason why I love Skyrim and Fallout 4 is because these games were going to be more than what would be showcased. Having mods which added more lore-friendly content, companions, estates, etcetera were what made us play them longer. We played new playthroughs that felt fresh. More importantly, I fell for them because I didn’t spoil myself watching the gameplay trailers. I didn’t know what Skyrim would play like back in 2011, but I played Oblivion before. Folks lined up at 12 AM on our local EB Games (now Gamestop) for Skyrim. I only watched the Riverwood trailer and that was it. Same with Fallout 4; I only watched the E3 trailer featuring Dogmeat and the famous wanderer quote “Let’s go, pal.”

Just the cinematic trailer would be enough to keep the ember. I kept playing and I kept discovering. I plan to do the same with Starfield. From the trailer and early hearsays, Starfield would tickle my fancy and my wish in the Sci-Fi category because we’ll have space ships, star hopping, and galactic inhabitance.

1. Avowed

(credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Obsidian’s Skyrim. It’s at the top of my list. The name is novel too. I forget the name of this game that I had to bookmark the earliest news about it on the web.

Avowed hooks me to see how Obsidian would spin its own Skyrim; let me rephrase that, how would Obsidian spin its own first person medieval fantasy RPG. Fallout New Vegas serenaded Fallout fans with its attention to detail by tying up previous Fallout lore (example: Jacobstown, Cassidy’s daughter, and so on). Not to mention New Vegas was as moddable as Fallout 3. Obsidian knew what the fans wanted and they knew what they were doing. I’m inclined to believe that they’ll know what to do with Avowed. I only wish that it would support mods similarly to how Skyrim does.

Special mention: Kingdom Hearts IV

(credit: Square Enix)

I was a teenager when I played Kingdom Hearts II. Now that I’m an adult (at least in age), Kingdom Hearts is a title that is akin to seeing a childhood friend grow up along with you. And we all want to have fun friends. More importantly, we want our friends to live better lives. I want Kingdom Hearts to be fun and well off. The upcoming fourth installment seems some significant changes will take place — as we delve into the contemporary universe. My wish is to have an endearing opening similar to Hikaru Utada’s Sanctuary with a fitting ending to the game, specifically to the fourth title.

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