A body cam view of Unrecord with the player holding a handgun.

Ultra-realistic Unrecord dev HAD TO PROVE it’s a game

A tech demo of Unreal 5 was posted in November 2022. And we may be seeing something special. Perhaps it’s a new generation (or a trend) of body-cam games. So remember the Unreal 5 train station tech demo? We get to see on the video on how the Unreal 5 engine is a technological marvel. But what followed next would be an FPS game demo below:

The Unreal Engine 5 Body Cam Game on Youtube

The Unrecord Game

Fast forward to April of 2023, we see the trailer of Unrecord, an ultra-realistic FPS. Folks were blown away on how realistic it looks and feels as you view through a body-cam. The trailer shows the player confronting a syndicate in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. More importantly, the fluid animation of all the action is exceptionally realistic. This includes the aiming, how the player fires the gun, and how the enemies go down. It’s (currently) dubbed as the most realistic game. As a result, the developer posted a video to prove it’s a game NOT a recorded body-cam from a police officer.

I mean, if it’s real life footage that would be disturbing.

If this type of framerate on games picks up, it would start a revolution. And it does not matter whether this VR gameplay or through a computer screen. Moving my mouse around with such exceptional fluidity is eye candy! Furthermore the horror genre is also going to have a field day with this engine! Silent Hill for example. But I would day dream of having this experience to sim games.

Although impressive, there are other things to address on this level of performance. What would be the recommended hardware for the fluid framerate? The trailer showed a single actor per scene. What would happen if there are numerous actors? Will it lag or will it still hold with many actors as per the Unreal 5 engine? And these questions not only apply to Unrecord but to any project using this ultra-realistic approach.

The release date for Unrecord is TBA. In addition, we are still waiting for the spec requirements. Or whether it will be solely a VR game. We’re keeping our eyes on it.

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