About bots taking over Arkesia in Lost Ark

Bots are one of the MAIN PROBLEMS in Lost Ark. Amazon Games and SmileGate are trying hard to prevent these pesky bots in the game. They have implemented a lot of preventive measures to keep them away but it’s not easy. Having the game free to play is what makes it even harder to implement such measures.

Lost Ark Bots

How is Lost Ark fighting the bots?

Amazon Games knows that this is a tough battle and they are aware that almost none of what they have implemented worked to combat bots. Here’s what they have tried so far:

  • Permanently banned several million accounts that participated in botting, hacking, or gold selling.
  • Level-gated area chat to keep brand-new accounts from spamming gold-selling advertisements.
  • Actively updated the game’s automatic chat moderation with lines and phrases that we know are commonly used by gold sellers.
  • Changed the reward structures of quests and events to add a stronger deterrent against using bots to farm gold.
  • Updated and improved Easy Anti Cheat detection capabilities to better identify and act against bots.
  • Enabled a native detection system to help quickly identify bad actors and take action against them.
  • Improved reporting tools in-game to help our players report bots and our support staff act more quickly on reports.
  • Blocked IP from regions where we do not have publishing rights that have shown large amounts of bot activity.
  • Blocked VPNs to stop bad actors from working around IP bans.
Lost Ark Bots

What are they going to do about it now?

While most of those measures are not as efficient as they thought would be, they claimed that they are working on a new feature and working with Easy Anti Cheat and SmileGate to combat these bots. They did not want to disclose yet what that measure is so that the botters won’t be able to counter it as soon as it gets released.

Some forum users have also suggested using some tools like Captcha or two-factor authentication. Lost Ark developers are thinking if they can actually use these to prevent botting.

You can read more of this here.

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