Need for Speed™ Heat

Craving For The Need For Speed? Grab it now on Steam for 95% off!

Need for Speed: Heat
Image by EA Games – Need for Speed™ Heat

Need for Speed™ Heat Deluxe Edition is 95% off on Steam

Are you craving the need for speed? Well then, this is your chance to grab a copy of Need for Speed™ Heat Deluxe Edition, Steam has the game on sale for CAD$4.50. This is a special promotion on steam that runs until October 11, 2022. The game is originally CAD$89.99 on Steam and Origin, so this is the best time to grab the game and rev those engines!

The game has very good reviews on steam with a Very Positive standing on all of its reviews and Mostly Positive on its Recent Reviews. The game was released by EA Games on November 8, 2019 and since then, it’s raking a lot of good reviews from the players who love the Need for Speed franchise.

Collection Bundle and Bundle Packs

The Need for Speed™ Collection bundle, EA Racing Pack bundle, and F1 2021: Deluxe Edition & Need for Speed™ Heat Deluxe Edition bundle are also on sale.

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