Eek! There’s a new Silent Hill Announcement!

Konami drops an announcement that they will make a future announcement! Easy does it, Konami. Easy does it.

Silent Hill is one of the iconic survival horror games of the genre. The last games did not leave a lasting impression unlike their predecessors (from Team Silent). However, Silent Hill games like Downpour and Shattered Memories delivered their own solid storyline. Then P.T. came which absolutely hyped all Silent Hill fans with Silent Hills. Why wouldn’t they? Silent Hills may have been the ultimate culmination of the title. The survival horror elements in it were absolute nightmare fuel.

Fans loved P.T. — so much.

Playable Teaser affirmed that Silent Hill will stay true to the survival horror genre. Unlike Resident Evil which morphed into an action game. Fans loved P.T. so much. Guillermo del Toro, Norman Reedus, Hideo Kojima would have been involved in the creation of such a monstrosity. But then Konami axed the project with Kojima leaving the company. There are ways to redownload P.T., if you’re wondering and P.T. on the PSVR would have been terrifying. When it was recently discontinued, PS4 owners were selling their consoles at a premium on eBay. It inspired indie developers to create their own game (like Allison Road) to capture that horror feel of P.T.

Is it PT? Or is it something else?

Konami drops the announcement above, so I’m feeling excited, skeptic, and uneasy at the same time. It doesn’t look like the Silent Hills concept by Reedus / Kojima / del Toro; and we don’t see this update on their social media. BUT!– Akira Yamaoka, Silent Hill’s musical genius, posted the announcement on his Facebook page and retweeted it too. I think it’ll be something else.

There’s no news yet if he will be part of this new project. But a Silent Hill game with Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn would do so much good to the franchise. Especially when they’ve done an amazing job covering a classic (i.e. Always on my Mind – Shattered Memories OST).

The point is, if they’re planning a remake / reboot / remaster to Silent Hill, why not involve the notable figures? Team Silent anyone? For me, Silent Hill 3 was the peak of the game. Then Silent Hill 4: The Room felt a little different, scary but silly at times. I mean those burping zombies were… something. Silent Hill: Origins was okay, Silent Hill: Homecoming was different, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories broke out of the traditional experience. Imagine the horrifying scene on P.T., the next-gen graphics, and the fresh ideas of Team Silent. We’re due for a Silent Hill experience as memorable as 1999. As memorable as P.T.

Yet at the end of the day of October 19 – it could be a Pachinko machine.

We don’t know. But it’s possible – hence my uneasiness.

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