Introducing Palworld's Sakurajima Island update with the new boss and new pals standing tall behind the title.

Palworld will release the new island this June!

Pocket Pair has finally released its trailer for its anticipated summer update on Palworld, the Sakurajima Island. Palworld’s Sakurajima Island will be released on June 27. In addition, A PTR will be available by signing up on their form linked on the Pocket Pair Sakurajima Island YouTube trailer.

Promising updates were fulfilled in Palworld ver. 0.2 with some of the highlights being:

  • In-base Boss Raid battle and the new Pal specie Bellanoir with Bellanoir Libero.
  • New base facility with the Ore Mining site.
  • New Pal farm materials such as Dumud producing High Quality Pal Oil and Kelpsea producing Pal Fluid.
  • Useful items such as the Ring of Mercy that prevents knocking out a Pal when equipped, and the Homeward Thundercloud to teleport back to your nearest base.
  • Also a chance to hatch Alpha Pals.

Most of the updates in 0.2 were welcomed. Except for the significant nerf on player owned Alpha Pals. However, if the Sakurajima update will bring Palworld to 0.3, then we’re still leagues away from reaching version 1.0! And tons more content in the future. In fact, this update focuses on a new area, yet the Tree of Life area is still pristine.

Let’s break down the trailer:

During the intro to 0:09 – We’re introduced to the new area, the Sakurajima Island. The Sakura trees, Torii gate, and shrine are inspired by the Japanese landscape. We also see a new Pal resembling lion-dogs.

0:13 – We see a new biome of mushrooms, with a new frog Pal and a new mushroom Pal.

0:14 – 0:19 – New sub-species of Wixen and Bushi (Noct?), and what appears to be new building set-pieces inspired by the Japanese medieval era.

0:22 – 0:31 – New Pals!

0:33 – 0:40 Xbox Dedicated Servers, new player armor, and new weapons: what appears to be a Pulse Rifle (PAL Genetic Researchers armament), grenade launcher, flamethrower, quad-rocket launcher, and minigun.

0:35 – New peacock Pal. Also a new Pal getting dazed by the rockets.

0:39 – New iron golem Pal.

0:40 – Simply awesome sauce. New Buildings and level cap announced! Sulfur Mining Site and Coal Mining Site.

0:43 – Hnghh… Mah heart. IT’S GRILLET! It’s the supposed Fire-Noodle boi! Chillet’s sub-specie who will be a fire type. Chillet can take care of the freezer while Grillet cooks. And look at that Mimic Pal’s nubby feet!

0:44 – 0:47 More new sub-species! Wixen-Katress tandem. Are we getting more lore between these two species?

0:49 – New raid boss and what appears to be a new sub-specie of Blazamut. Also a new sub-species of Gorirat and Menasting?

0:58 – An oil-rig area, perhaps a new dungeon.

1:08 – The Arena to be Palworld’s first PvP aspect.

1:14 – New Japanese Boss with a new Pal!

Introducing Palworld's Sakurajima Island update with the new boss and new pals standing tall behind the title.
Impressive glow up of the visuals. (Image by Pocket Pair)

It’s a chunky new island update

To review, Palworld will add:

  • The Sakurajima Island.
  • New Dungeon.
  • New Pals.
  • More weapons and equipment.
  • New Level cap.
  • New Building and Facilities.
  • The PvP Arena.
  • A New raid, and a new Boss.

To be frank, what’s most impressive for me is the visual polish we see on Palworld. It’s no longer the alpha Unity game that fueled skeptics. Pocket Pair is shaping up and polishing the game’s visuals including improving its Pal designs, player pieces, and the environment. In other words, Palworld is slowly earning and carving its identity. I haven’t stopped playing and I will continue playing until version 1.0! Again, Sakurajima Island will appear on June 27.

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