Emboar stands tall on his 7-Star Tera Raid while possessing a Fire and Fighting Type, with an Electric Tera.

Easy Solo Emboar 7-Star Tera Raid with this Pokémon!

The Emboar 7-Star Tera Raid is live and will run from June 14 to June 16, 2024. Then the second string will run on June 21 to June 23. There is still time and the Emboar 7-Star Tera raid is definitely doable through solo.

The list of Emboar loot after defeating it.

Emboar hails from Gen V Pokémon, with starters as Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott. Emboar is a Fire & Fighting Pokémon and will sport an Electric Tera type, so you will need to use ground type attacks. As usual, Emboar will possess the Mightiest Mark and will only be able to catch it once per save file. Here are the following Pokémon that can solo the Emboar 7-Star Tera Raid:


And just in time after catching Swampert from the previous 7-star Tera raid. I’ve chosen Swampert with EV spreads 252 on Atk., 252 on Def, and 6 on HP. The Swampert has to be ground tera type to reduce Emboar’s Flare Blitz. The moveset will be Chilling Water, Bulk Up, Earthquake, and Screech. Lastly, item held will be Shell Bell.

Start with three Chilling Water to chase after terastilizing. Emboar will then reset the stats at turn 4. And that’s when you start the Swampert Bulk-Ups. At this point, the primary goal will establishing your Bulk-Ups, and ensuring that your Swampert has enough HP.

Watch for any burn status and quickly dispatch heal. You can now Terastilize and attack after the 4th Bulk-Up to regain HP through Shell Bell. And finally reach the sixth Bulk-Up. It will take about two attacks to tear through Emboar’s shields down, and when it does go down, Emboar will proceed with 2 Bulk-Ups and may attack twice as well. Use Screech (or attack) to negate the two Emboar defense Bulk-Up. Then you should be able to take Emboar down completely.

Personally, I find the Swampert build easier and much straightforward. It came to a point that the Emboar was simply not doing any more damage after Bulking Up; which made it smooth sailing using Earthquake afterward. However, Swampert may not be available to all SV players.


This Pokémon is available to all Scarlet and Violet players. So Annihilape comes in clutch again. You may have guessed what we will do, and that’s correct: Rage Fist. The core moveset on your Annihilape will be Rage Fist, Rain Dance, Bulk-Up, and Screech. Tera typing on Annihilape can be Ground or Ghost; so if you have a Ghost type tera on Annihilape, no need to change. Item held will be Shell Bell.

The recommended EV spread will be 252 on Atk., 252 on Def., and 6 on HP. I’ve used a different EV spread on my Annihilape to see what’s worse that could happen. But an EV spread toward Def or HP (thanks to Osirus) will work beautifully as long as there is 252 on Atk. After running two builds this makes Annihilape an accessible and available choice indeed.

The strategy with Annihilape will involve Rain Dance at turn 1 and to always have Rain Dance running. This will reduce any issues with Flare Blitz. Also ensure to heal any burn status. Follow up with a series Rage Fist to try and establish terastilizing. When your Annihilape is ready to terastilize, start the Bulk-Up. At fourth Bulk-Up, regain your health and Terastilize with Rage Fist. Again, use Screech after the shield breaks to finish the raid faster with your last Raage Fist.

Some reassurance with Annihilape:

My Annihilape survived despite making an error: I mistakenly pressed Bulk-Up instead of Rage Fist just when Emboar was a nosehair away from fainting. Ironically, that Bulk-Up may have been the reason to withstand the attack. However, attacking it would’ve ended the raid right there.

If your Annihilape has low HP, is about to Terastilize, and still a lot of time left: DO NOT attempt to heal. Absorb the faint and once your Annihilape respawns, then you can Terastilize. This also means that you can afford one faint and will still be able to finish the raid as long as you manage to finish the 6 Bulk-Ups.

I’ve also used a different EV spread (252 on Spd., 252 on Atk., 252, and 6 on Def), had my Annihilape faint once, and still managed to finish the raid. You can do this!

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