Swampert looks fierce and ready to battle on this 7-star Tera Raid

Swampert 7-star solo raid is easy with these Pokémon

The Swampert 7-star Tera Raid is now live in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We’ve missed some 7-star raids and hopefully they will cycle back in the future as we’re slowly completing all the starters. We missed Blastoise, Venusaur, and Primarina. More importantly, I missed Empoleon too which was too bad. But all starters can be brought in from Pokémon Home. Anyway, I’ve caught Swampert with a reliable build on solo.

Swampert is a water and ground type Pokémon, and is among the beloved gen-3 starters which are Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko (I chose Treecko). It will have the Mightiest Mark and you will only be able to catch this boss once in the game. Swampert will possess a Poison type tera but will only have the Sludge Wave attack which can be eased by a viable defensive move.

  • Mudkip, unevolved and cute. It's a baby axolotl.
  • Marshtomp, the first evolution stage and decides to be bipedal.
  • Swampert is the final form of Mudkip and couldn't fully decide whether to stay bipedal.
  • Mega Swampert is a temporary form of Swampert through the Mega evolution mechanic in Pokemon X & Y

The first string of the Swampert 7-star raids will run from May 30 to June 2. Then the second string will occur on June 6 to June 9. We have this weekend and the next weekend. Fret not as you can definitely beat Swampert with this couple of Pokémon:


Time to use the Mewtwo with the Mightiest Mark to work. EV spread would be 252 on Def, 252 on HP, and 6 on Sp. Def. Held item will be Covert Cloak as it will prevent Swampert’s Muddy Water attack on reducing your accuracy. Covert Cloak can be bought in the Levincia Delibird for 20,000 Poké dollars. And I would not recommend Shell Bell here. My Mewtwo had the Psychic Tera. A Water tera type will do as well. Lastly Mewtwo needs Amnesia, Nasty Plot, Recover, and Stored Power on its movepool.

The strategy will be to focus on your buffs first rather than focusing on your attacks; prioritize on buffing Defense with Amensia, buffing Special Attack with Nasty Plot, and monitoring your HP. That is, spot healing with Recover. And make sure that your Recover has max PP. I was able to five-hit Swampert on this raid.

My moves started with Amnesia first, next Nasty Plot, and Recover. Then poked Swampert with a Stored Power on turn 4 because he will activate his shield and reset the stats. After the reset, use Amnesia again, and you can play around with the buffs from there. The outcomes have been similar in my experience: once 3 Nasty Plots are made, you can two-hit Swampert after getting Mewtwo terastilized. This is also the reason why I don’t recommend Shell Bell, because there were not enough attack turns and Recover sustained my Mewtwo.

A friendly Gardevoir spammed Life Dew on my Mewtwo which is lovely. Although Recover will do just fine.

The list of drops when you beat Swampert and fortunately I lucked out with two Sweet, one Sour, and one Spicy Herba Mystica.
I lucked out on this raid after getting four Herba Mystica unlike a previous raid with none.


No Mewtwo? No problem. Just catch a Slowpoke / Slowbro and hyper-train it.

Slowbro’s EV spread is similar to Mewtwo. Which is 252 on Def, 252 on HP, and 6 on Sp. Def. But I’ve used 252 on Sp. Atk. (instead of Defense). Slowbro is already tanky after all. The held item will still be Covert Cloak. My Slowbro is also Psychic tera – it can be Water tera. Note that Slowbro has to be level 100 and hyper-trained by the NPC in Montenevera, the man with the Abomasnow. Lastly Slowbro’s movepool will be Amnesia, Nasty Plot, Slack Off, and Stored Power. Slack Off should have max PP.

The same strategy applies for Slowbro: focus on the buffs and its survivability first. Stored Power will finish Swampert in no time after reaching those buffs. Start off with Amnesia, Nasty Plot next, and then Slack Off to recover health. Poke Swampert with Stored Power until it shields and resets the stats. Try reaching those buffs again while spot healing with Slack Off; proceed with two Amnesia, and then start maxing Nasty Plots while spot healing. Start attacking to terastilize. After terastilized, expect to two-hit Swampert with Stored Power.

Arboliva provided a buffer healing with Seed Sower. Again, very lovely.

Now go get your funny looking salamander.

P.S. So Mighty Sceptile. When?

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