New World Mount

New World Mounts are here! Here’s how to get them!

New World Mounts

New World Mounts

Yes, you heard that right! New World mounts!

Since playing New World at launch, there was one thing clear: it’s a huge world. We demanded mounts. So the devs added faster running speed on paths. It wasn’t enough. We still needed to go to point A to point B quickly. Then the devs added more spirit shrines, reduced the timer to fast travel back to the inn, free teleport as long as you have a particular fort, and so on. But the world got bigger with Brimstone Sands. Players kept asking for mounts whenever they come back from a year hiatus.

The push back for mounts was real even though the devs were against it (in vision). It’s a pain to get around on foot and most of the time just to get to an objective. We’ve been hoping for mounts since the game came out, and I’m SO excited that they’re finally being added in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.

I’m particularly excited about the dire wolves. I’ve always loved wolves, and I think it’s the perfect mount for me. They’re strong, agile, and they have a natural instinct for survival. I’ve been dreaming of riding a dire wolf through the forests of Aeternum for a long time, and now my dream is finally coming true.

I’m also looking forward to customizing mounts. I want to make my dire wolf look unique, so I’m hoping there will be many skins and gear to choose from. I can’t wait to spend hours customizing my dire wolf and making it my own.

For now, the mounts are only available in PTR as of the date of writing this article. New World: Rise of the Angry Earth launches on October 3, 2023.

How to get a New World mount:

When you open your inventory, there will be new icons on the top left corner of your screen. When you hover over the horse head icon, it will tell you that you need to reach level 25 and complete “My Kingdom for a Horse” to unlock mounts.

Quest Location

The quest can be found on Everfall, and is close to Shadowmine Shrine.

Mount: My Kingdom for a Horse Quest

Upon reaching your destination, you will find the NPC named Jochi Khan the Horse Whisperer. You will be able to get the quest My Kingdom for a Horse.

The quest is simple. You just need to go to 3 places which are close to each other and interact with them. Once done, return to Jochi Khan to complete and redeem your first mount.

Quests To Increase Riding Exp

There are also some side quests that you can perform to increase Riding. These quests will simply ask you to go to a destination, or follow the marks. Then you will be able to get some items for your mount to boost it’s efficiency. New World mounts are still new and we anticipate more improvements ahead.

What do we think about their mounts implementation?

Foxseiz: Overall, I’m really excited about the mounts in New World. I think they’re going to make the game more fun and accessible, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a dire wolf and explore Aeternum on its back. However, as I’ve said earlier in this post, New World mounts are still at their infancy stage, and they will definitely need some improvements. If there’s something you don’t like or want to have a suggestion or feedback, you can use their Submit Feedback option under the Game Menu. Who knows, maybe they’ll implement the feedback as soon as the mounts move out of PTR.

Samone: Thanks to all New World players (especially those who have quit by now) for their demand of mounts. Expect the settlements of Everfall and Windsward filled with players doing nothing on mounts soon. Now, if only we can have New World pets following us in our adventure.

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