Hisuian Decidueye 7-star raid happening now!

The Hisuian Decidueye 7-star raid is live on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The Hisuian Decidueye (I dub Kung-Fu Owl) is a grass / fighting type Pokémon. And it will sport a grass type Tera who also possess the Mightiest Mark. Unlike the previous Mewtwo raid, we will be back to a two waves of raid battles. The first wave is live, which occurred as early as October 5 and will last until October 8. The second wave will take place the next weekend, October 12-15.

The Hisuian Decidueye Terastelized in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

This Hisuian Decidueye will be Scrappy. The Scrappy ability will hit ghost type Pokemon as a normal attack and will be immune to Intimidate. Although the grass Tera typing will render it vulnerable to familiar Pokemon such as Corviknight or Ceruledge. I did a solo with a Ceruledge sporting a Fire-type Tera with the moveset: Bitter Blade, Bulk Up, Clear Smog, and another fire type attack. Instead of Shell Bell, I bought a Clear Amulet (in Mesagoza Delibird) since Decidueye’s Triple Arrows lowers my defense.

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