An imposing cast of in-game characters stand for the Throne and Liberty splash logo.

Throne and Liberty now accepting signups for Technical Test

The upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty is looking for player signups to its global technical test. To date, note that signing up does not mean being able to download the alpha version of the game. The developers are still pooling players and then make the announcement of the actual global test date. Some speculate that the playtest may occur before Fall.

The Throne and Liberty steam page is also now available. Expect PVE and PVP action and weather can also factor on the battle. Some features we’ve heard would be auto-battling and auto-pathing. Players are concerned on this aspect (especially as an Amazon game) looking back to the Lost Ark population dying off from bots. Other features gathered on the web would be the player party size at 6, the grappling hook has no CD, and that the player can teleport back to their home base. However, since the game is Free-To-Play, there is a chance that your progress may have some sort of in-game reward which can carry through to the release date. Thus it’s worth testing Throne and Liberty.

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