The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

I’m Going To Be Honest, Pokémon Present Was Mild

TPC wraps up Pokémon Present 2023. The major announcements were saved for last, namely the DLC to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Now we can play Pokémon while asleep too. Plus we’re getting a silly gadget to track our sleep rhythm.

Here are my thoughts while watching it during my break:

The Minor announcements

The upcoming Pokémon Card World Championships 2023 in Yokohama, Japan (2:07) – Frankly, I don’t care since I don’t play the card games. Perhaps I’m going to start collecting cards, but that’s another expense I don’t need.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic (4:28) – A premium set of trading cards. It appeals to collectors. I’m going to pass.

Pokémon Concierge (4:54) – this a new stop-motion Pokémon Netflix series. I’m indifferent. But perhaps I will give it a try because it’s fresh.

MOBA, Pokémon UNITE (8:21) – Update will add the Legendary addition of Zacian. Meh.

Pokémon Café Remix (10:17) – Adds the Paldea event with the cute Gen IX starters. You know, the game is just sitting on my Switch.

Pokémon Masters Ex (11:13) – It looks like another Galar event. I have the app installed but I never touched it. Hasn’t there been a Galar event before? I’m surprised that they presented Galar trainers instead of Paldean trainers. Oh wait, I’m not sure if Geeta can compete on this level.

The Major Announcements

14:46. Pokemon Sleep – “It’s a game that makes you look forward to waking up in the morning.” Well, I always look forward to waking up — especially on the weekend. “Prof. Neroli will be researching on this island. Collect Pokémon and sleep styles together with Snorlax.” It’s a sleep tracking app. I think it’s a little interesting. I love to sleep but I can’t sleep too long with my work routine. I didn’t say wow. But I appreciate the new idea on how to fit Pokémon in all of this. I mean what the heck, I might as well check it out. You get to play a game by sleeping anyway.

18:30. Pokemon GO ++ – Please forgive the + and – signs. BUT MY GUY! POKEMON GO PLUS PLUS Accessory?! I literally laughed out loud in the cafeteria when I heard the name of this new device. It’s a new device that links Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Go. I can’t wait until July 14 until they ship my Pokémon Go Plus Plus Accessory!

19:25. Paradox Walking Wake and Paradox Iron Leaves – Tera raid is live! LET’S GO! Now this is something I want. Those paradox rumors have been confirmed. So it’s time to assemble the squad again, capture both, and then go on another hiatus until the DLC (I guess). Walking Wake became a T-Rex though. It looked better as a canine quadruped.

19:58. Scarlet and Violet connecting to Pokémon Go – And Pokémon Home will begin connection to Scarlet and Violet early 2023 – this was as expected from the rumors.

21:09. THE DLC! The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

The Teal Mask will be released on Fall 2023, and The Indigo Disk will be released on Winter 2023. Note that this is under one DLC broken in two parts. We pretty much expect a DLC – but now I wonder, is there anything DLC planned after Winter 2024? Sword and Shield received two DLCs. Scarlet and Violet will have a DLC with two parts. Would that be it? I certainly hope not. Although by the time that we get to 2024, the next-gen Switch may be the biggest talk in town! So it would make sense if the Gen 10 will entice Nintendo fans. Provided that Gamefreak (or another developer else) decides to pursue another Pokémon game. This is the main part of Pokémon Present 2023.

What did you think?

I was not expecting a Kalos region DLC. Again, it is my wishful thinking. And getting a Kalos game in S/V would have been phenomenal. But it’s hilarious to think of getting a whole region as a DLC. Hey at least we’re officially getting a DLC!

It makes me wonder why Nintendo doesn’t bet all in on Scarlet and Violet. It sold 20 million copies. I bet they don’t want S/V outshining their previous games. They don’t want any games outshining anything on the series. It’s a marketing strategy after all. Don’t make one game perfect so that players will still have at least one reason to buy the older titles. Yet it’s not a bad move to invest heavily on S/V. I mean the game has a rough but doable coop in it.

The Pokémon Present was pretty mild. However let’s not forget the DLC. I am excited. Not really hyped, but still excited. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet had a masterpiece of an ending; I was caught by surprise on its revelation. So I AM INTERESTED on this new adventure in the DLCs.

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