My Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Moments

We’ve finished Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in December. The game is a hodgepodge of fun, funny, and frustrating moments. They’re all good moments. Here is a post of our early Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game snips.

Warning: there are spoilers on this article.

Beating the first Cinderace raid (December 2022)

This is a peak memory to me.

Our DPS Slowbro went for 3x Nasty Plots, while one Azumarill spammed charm on the boss. My Azumarill (Egg Boi) and my cousin’s Scream Tail boosted the Slowbro with Helping Hand. Rain Dance was also used. We didn’t one hit the boss, but we had enough HP to break through the shield.

The multiplayer works but the only gripe we have is the unfair raid times and lengthy text/animation sequences. So when we beat the 7-star Cinderace, our party on discord was highly elated. I was playing with my cousins. Remember, this is also our first time playing a coop Pokémon game together. After a few hours of trial and error, we finally beat Cinderace at 2AM with whatever Pokémon in our box. It’s sheer satisfaction.

Pokémon Scarlet random screens

  • It was this moment that Penny became my favorite besides Arven.

An Excellent Story!

When the Prof. Sada AI started uttering and displaying a motherly figure to Arven, I just kept quiet with the air in my room turning heavy. The real professor died ages ago. Arven’s Pokémon was sick. He was all by himself. And he needed a family. Then we’re led to believe that this will all be fixed in Area Zero, a state of the art lab on studying Pokémons. First, Arven can be with his mom again. Afterward, we can get answers to those mysterious Pokémons.

But when we get to Area Zero and we find an empty shell of a gate, deserted structures, and a ruined lab. Obviously, something went horribly wrong. Area Zero was not a state-of-the art lab, but an abandoned place. After knowing the truth, we realize that Arven has been alone for a long time. It was simply sad. And he didn’t even know about the death of his mom (or dad). After the final battle, I was 100% convinced that Arven was the star of the game. I only needed to drive the story to its conclusion. What an excellent game design.

I was so invested to this journey to the Area Zero only to swallow the heavy conclusion.

Pokémon Violet random screens

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet managed to successfully insert the player as part of the cast. It displayed a natural feel. For example, the seamless cutscenes featuring your character meant that you are part of it – and not necessarily the superstar under the spotlight. The rivals were portrayed as partners as well. After the conclusion in Area Zero, MY gang deciding to detour for ice cream before going home gave off a somewhat happy ending. And made Arven a strong lad.

There’s this glitch

To be frank, it’s a glitch like this that made me want to play this game even more.

And then there’s this glitch

With my friend super cheering this way, I can catch a Mewtwo with a Pokeball!

Beating Cinderace with two players

I’m playing with my two accounts: Kimi and Samone. While Foxseiz’s Azumarill stands by for Play Rough.

First, I had Gothitelle start with Flatter on my Slowbro. As my Slowbro initiates with 2x Nasty Plots, the AI starts pecking at Cinderace. Slowbro sets the Psychic Terrain on the field. Gothitelle used Fake Tears after the second Nasty Plot. Slowbro is boosted with 2x Helping Hands before attacking with Stored Power.

I knew my Slowbro could sort of one-shot Cinderace. You have to believe on your Pokémon after all. But when Gothitelle helped make this one-shot happen, I instantly loved this mon. She took on those physical attacks like a champ while lowering the boss’ Sp. Def. My cousin’s Azumarill served as overwatch and helped reduce Cinderace’s damage with charms and Rain Dance.

Brute Forced our way into beating Greninja

I admit that using Fairy or Psychic type mons was not the ideal choice. One DPS and three support can one-shot Greninja. We didn’t have the ideal choice, but you have to believe on your Pokémon! In the end, we caught Greninja. Despite Greninja’s advantage, we managed to beat him about five tries! Greninja will null stats and generate its shield around turn 3. But an early shield goes both ways: it also means that you can take it out earlier.

Two DPS mons and Two Support mons. The three mons fielded can get dunked on by Night Slash and Gunk Shot.

Heading off to the DLC?

So I wonder. When the DLC hits, will Pokémon Scarlet and Violet generate more sales? Pokémon Home made an update to Version 2.1.0. with an incremental support to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet battle data. Which suggests the start to supporting PSV. We also had Charizard, Cinderace, and Greninja raids. But we haven’t seen the shiny variants of Koraidon, or Miraidon (or even the legendary four) yet. Therefore we can anticipate more content. So perhaps this is just the start of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. After all, it was only released on November 2022.

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