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My first ever Pokémon Game on my first ever Nintendo console

Yup, that’s right, this is my first ever Nintendo Switch (which is my FIRST Nintendo console), and Pokémon game. I bought the Nintendo Switch OLED and Pokémon Scarlet game because I want to see what the hype is all about on this brand-new released game. To be fair, I only have a very basic knowledge of Pokémons and I only hear or see them on TV when my son watches the series.

What urged me to buy is that my cousins constantly post Pokémon screenshots on our discord. I would say they are veterans already with Pokémon games compared to me who is a pure beginner and doesn’t have a clue what I am catching. I was in for a big surprise.

First impression of the Pokémon game

When I was searching on Google about how many Pokémons exist, it shows that there are 1008. My first thought was, “Am I able to catch up and memorize all these Pokémons if I play this game?” Of course, as a newbie to the game I really do not know the answer to my question. But as I played the game, it seems like it was manageable. I realized that I don’t really need to memorize all of them. I just needed to enjoy the game and I will be able to remember all of them in time. What captivated me is the goal of completing the Pokedex.

Then my cousins started yelling Shiny! That’s when it hit me that not only should I complete my Pokedex, I have to hunt shiny Pokémon too!

Suggested QoL Improvements

As a beginner to the game, I can’t help but think of improvements in the game and guess what. There are so many of them. Here are some of the lists that I can think of:

  • Players should be able to join the Union Circle at any time with the unique Link Code.
  • When doing a Tera Raid Battle, the game should start automatically when all the players are ready to battle.
  • Players should be able to lock their best Pokémons so that they cannot accidentally release or trade them.
  • Players should be able to switch Koraidon and Miraidon to battle form without so much dialog.
  • Boxes will need a sort function to properly organize your Pokemons.
  • Releasing or moving one Pokemon at a time can be a nuance. Being able to select multiple Pokemon to release or move would be a great touch to the game.
  • Adding a search function on sandwich recipes will greatly help players. They do not need to check each sandwich their stats and just filter them by their power.

Is Nintendo Switch OLED worth the money?

The bottom line I would say is YES. There are a lot of games that you can play only on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a whole new world to discover as a PC gamer. And a lot of those are the classic ones that you most likely played when you were a kid. Aside from playing a bunch of games, the only downside on the Switch right now is the hardware, they may have upgraded the screen but the chip that powers the device remains the same.

My actual review of my first Pokémon game on Nintendo Switch OLED

Alright, playing the game is fun and enjoyable especially when you play coop with your friends. You can catch most of the Pokémons on your own, and can do raids on your own. But there’s nothing more fun than dying with your friends in a raid, LOL. Since I am new to this game, I find it hard to know if I can just evolve this Pokémon by leveling, or by a evolution stone, or by giving a specific item to it. The coop is a big plus to me since I’m unfamiliar.

Another layer of gameplay to me is that the game needs a lot of time and effort to training my Pokémon. Plus I had to memorize their type to figure out what they’re effective against. Oh, I forgot to mention that there are also their stats which you can increase by training the Pokémon or by consumables. I had to treat one Pokémon as one character.

Coop is just on time

Playing with friends is one of the good features of this game as we could raid and hunt together. Also, you could show off all your Pokemons with your friends inside the picnic at once.

Hunting a shiny Pokémon also gives you enjoyment as you could show them off as well with your friends. These so called Shiny Pokémons are challenging to hunt as you need to eat a sandwich to increase your encounter with that specific cute little monster you’re hunting. There are some Pokemons that you can’t really distinguish from the original design which makes them harder to get, not to mention hunting a shiny Floette or Tatsugiri.

Shiny Paradox Pokemons

Now that I have finished all the quests in the game, all I can do now is hunt for more shinys and train them so that I can at least battle some pros out there. This is another challenging function of the game as you will have to do a trial and error on your builds. This will be a little hard for me as I need to learn all the skills and stats there is in the game.

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