It’s February and you know what that means!

February is here! Which means it’s almost time for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet version 1.2.0. (Valentine’s Day? Meh). The update will include bug fixes and add functionality, based on the official Pokémon website.

Here is a small list that may be onto that patch – or perhaps my wishful thinking:

  • Add the ability to lock Pokémon so that they can’t be released or traded.
  • Patch the bug in Raid where the raid boss’ health fluctuate and wouldn’t faint.
  • Remove the time penalty in Raid when a player’s Pokémon faints. Since time is already reduced.
  • Add the ability to the kick the ball during picnics. PLEASE.
  • Fix the glitch where the world clipping on certain low camera angles.
  • And drastically improve the FPS rate on the game.
  • Perhaps we will see the initial support to Pokémon home?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet characters flashing their pokeball.

Based on the official statement, the patch won’t be available until the later February. Until then, the second wave of the Greninja raid will have to occur first – February 10 to 12.

Second Wave of Greninja Raid

Another Greninja raid will take place on February 10-12. Similar to the Cinderace raid, we were fortunate to beat the first wave despite using a Psychic type DPS. A Pokémon with the Water Absorb or Dry Skin ability will reduce Greninja’s possible attacks in three. This takes Hydro Pump out of the equation. What we found helpful is to have one DPS while three other mons boost it. In our case, we brute forced our way with two DPS – and this is even using Fairy / Psychic type mon.

Using them frenly shaped Pokemons while boosting Slowbro.

Armourage and Ceruledge Raid events

Another set of version exclusives will run today. Armarouge and Ceruledge event raids occurs today, February 3 until February 5. Both mons fall under the better mon design category this gen. Although their shiny variant lacks the wow factor (it’s all on their eyes), their signature moves are quite formidable. Armarouge is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet can learn the Armor Cannon. While Armarouge is exclusive to Pokemon Violet can learn Bitter Blade. This is your chance to complete your Pokedex.

Image: Nintendo Life

DLC speculations from hints in the game

Players are rewarded the Master Ball and the Beast Ball after completing the story and the Pokedex respectively. These top-tiered items elude to Pokémon worthy of such Pocket homes. The Master Ball was home to Mewtwo in Gen-I (as Mew could be caught using Pokeballs). The Beast Ball was perfect for Ultra Beasts (Gen-VII). I have yet to use both. But we can imagine that the shiny variants of Koraidon, Miraidon, and the legendary four will be added into the meta much later.

Rumours are circulating that the DLC will feature the Kalos region: Paldea is based on the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal); Kalos is based on France. And there is a locked area on the northeastern part of Paldea. Maybe there’s a new area based on the micro-state of Andorra.

There are also weird unexplained symbols in caves of Area Zero. The cave where you find Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon has a weird symbol etched on the landscape. We could speculate what this odd landmark is but perhaps it’s a spawning spot for a new legendary Pokémon – those found on the Scarlet & Violet book? And the cave near the actual Prof. Sada/Turo lab – what does that plaque actually mean?

So is this a hint to the DLC?

Pokémon Sword and Shield had two DLCs: The Isle of Armor, and The Crown of Tundra. Sales have been highly favourable on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet overtaking Splatoon 3, another Nintendo flagship title. Nintendo will likely seize the opportunity to capitalize more profit. However, the next patch will tell us more about Game Freak’s dedication. To end it here would spell a great disservice to all stakeholders. And it will appear as if Game Freak would give up on PSV after their announcement of working on a new IP.

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