The Delphox 7-star raid banner

Delphox raid tomorrow in SV! Possible Mew and Mewtwo in SV?!

The Delphox and future 7-star raids resumes!

The 7-star raids paused for a while. Now we’re gearing for the Delphox 7-star raid tomorrow on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! Delphox is a Gen VI Pokémon along with Chestnaught. It’s a fan-favorite Pokémon because of the cute fire-type Fennekin.

The Delphox Tera raid will run through July 7 to July 9 (until 4:59 pm PDT). Then the second string will occur on July 14 to July 16 (4:59 pm PDT). This Delphox will possess the Mightiest Mark and will play a Fairy Tera-Type. Delphox will be a little tricky as it’s a fire/psychic type Pokemon. Fairy type is weak to Steel / Poison type Pokémons in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The alternative is to use a Fire or Psychic type for a neutral fight.

The cute fire type Fennekin Pokemon.
Thank you for this reunion, GameFreak.

There had been some speculations that GameFreak ran into some bugs prior to June 3 that paused the 7-star raids. Now that Pokémon Home has integrated with Pokémon SV, we can see that the 7-star raids have resumed. We just hope that it’s smooth sailing ahead. On another note that I’ve mentioned, I think I’m ready to pre-order the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC.

On another news: Mew in Pokémon SV? Mewtwo raid?

I’m not trying to hype anybody but since Pokémon Home is already connected to Pokémon SV, we can transfer our Mews to the game. Dataminers have discovered a string that points to moves and events involving Mew and Mewtwo. This suggests Mew being in the game at some point along with a Mewtwo raid. Or it could be a placeholder string that has yet to change. Remember that we take all rumours or possible leaks with a grain of salt. Here’s looking at you Walking Wake.

Anyway, good hunting to us all!

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