Delphox Pokemon holding a twig that's lit on fire.

What happened to the Delphox raid?

Delphox is a Gen VI Pokémon along with Chestnaught. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet had plans to hold the Delphox Tera raid after the Chestnaught Tera raid. However, the Delphox raid may have been delayed. That is if it is not cancelled.

The Delphox Tera raid is scheduled on May 26-28 according to PokeXperto (Latin America). However GameFreak has not made any official announcements yet of the events. Nor we do see any updates yet as of today in June.

The cute fire type Fennekin Pokemon.
Please give me Fennekin. Thank you.

Furthermore, the Chestnaught’s second string raid was also cancelled. We had thought that we missed it. But we couldn’t find the correct Rock-type black crystals on the map. So it turns out that the raid has been canceled due to issues with in-game rewards with the Paradox Pokémon. Frankly: we couldn’t care less about the Great Tusk and Iron Treads tera raids occurring at the same time. I caught my Chestnaught during the first string. But Foxseiz didn’t.

The good thing is that Pokémon Home can now connect to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. But I’ll be staving off from it for a few weeks. There may be some bugs looming after all. On another note, since we’re now in June, I think I’m ready to pre-order the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC to redeem the bonus content.

We will have to wait longer to see the new 7-star raid. It’s also a good thing that the developers were able to nip the bud on game breaking issues during the supposed Chestnaught rerun. I mean we don’t want more players ruined by a Pokémon that didn’t really matter. So I’m confident that we’ll get our Delphox. They have to rerun the Chestnaught’s tera raid after all. And then hold the Delphox raid.

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