A Covenant Diary: Entry 2

dear covenant diary,

The Covenant Crusade has begun on Aeternum.

One day. It only took one day and we’ve recovered Ebonscale and claimed Weaver’s Fen. Our faction have 3 territories and no longer do we have a lonely settlement in Aeternum. We’re even with the heathen green as they cry in anguish of losing two territories in one day. Yet it’s worth mentioning that it was a close fight to win Brightwood, but our noble and courageous fighters did not make in time to make the last two caps. May I say that two out of three is not bad? Not at all! Alas, these savages accuse us of not adhering to the rules of war when they clearly should be doing better defending.

Is there such a thing as fair in war? No. Nothing is fair in love and war.

Where does this take us, diary? We were hushed like flies and treated as children in Aeternum. We were seen as extras, a mere presence, between a world of purple and green. They’re trembling now. I believe that they’ll see the Covenant running Aeternum soon as the Syndicate have taken notice of this powerful move we’ve dealt to Brightwood. They had to call for help from the green too! Five of the six notable warriors in that battle for Brightwood came from the heathen green. Silly Syndicates.

Perhaps everyone will notice the Spark and turn away from their foolishness. This is the New World. Their foolishness will not work here. The Covenant will always welcome those who wish to be enlightened.

What a time to be alive in Aeternum,
A level 38 Covenant

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