Roblox is down for more than 2 days

Roblox is down for 2 days and counting. Developers have yet to properly identify the issue to bring the game back online. It has been more than 24 hours now since the game went offline which is highly unusual. The developers have posted the outage since October 29, 2021, at 5:36 PM. From Roblox’s website, it shows that it seems just like normal maintenance for their game but their Twitter account shows something different.

What’s the problem?

Roblox players can’t login into the game and the client shows that “Something went wrong. Tap ‘Retry’ to try again.” which doesn’t do anything because all the servers are down.

When is it coming back online?

There’s no specific time when it will come back online and the developers have yet to announce what’s actually going on. They have only mentioned that they have identified the root cause and solution.

For now, players can only hope that the developer will fix the root cause of this outage issue and hope that this was simply an internal problem. A Roblox Hacking is a totally different topic since a lot of information is at stake like user account saved credit cards to buy the Robux in-game currency and its premium store. And the main audience of Roblox cater to children and toddlers.

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