I never thought I’d see Rage 2 offered for free on Epic!

Rage 2 screenshot by id Software and Avalanche Studios

Rage 2 is free on Epic right now! While Rage 2 has been generally received positively as a sequel to the 2011 Rage, the absence of co-op has produced different opinions on Id Software and Avalanche Studios’ AAA first-person shooter. Rage 2 is still worth a few seconds to store in your epic library as it focuses on the single-player experience of exploring a post-apocalyptic world after it was hit by the asteroid 99942 Apophis. Almost 80% of mankind had perished, and humanity is far from rebuilding as it tries to survive madmen, mutants and monsters. A staple feature of Rage is the vehicular combat, faction involved storylines, and the open-world exploration akin to Mad Max.


Rage 2 was released in 2019 and I still remember all the hype on it, as the graphics are impressive. In fact, Rage from 2011 still hold up today due to id Software’s Tech 5 boasting the megatexture technology. Rage 2 is free on Epic until February 25 (also rated Mature only). Also Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is also free on Epic until February 25; it’s an indie game where you drive and drift you car on a minimalist setting while using a top-down view.

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