Mass Effect Legendary Edition to release on May 14!

Image: Electronic Arts / Bioware

Finally! Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remastered trilogy, will hit the stores on May 14, 2021. Mass Effect is one of those Sci-Fi RPG Shooter that piqued my interest in 2007 and I got completely hooked due to its story-driven quests and character development. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a welcome addition to any RPG fans’ collection. 

Speaking of collection, the Mass Effect Legendary Cache has also been revealed for those interested of the collector’s edition, which includes a replica wearable N7 helmet with LED light effects, steel case, art print and enamel spinner pin, N7 acceptance letter, and full-color box. Also get an exclusive FemShep canvas print when you purchase through the BioWare Gear Store according to the EA Mass Effect Legendary Edition website

I would prefer a statue or a figure of Commander Shepard, but still — a 1:1 replica of the N7 helmet! Also, I have to say, what do they mean by the steel case, does it contain the game? Anyway, personally I’m mainly after the remaster. 

With the announcement of an upcoming new Mass Effect game and hoping to get that spark back with after the lackluster Mass Effect Andromeda, EA/Bioware hopes to tide Mass Effect fans with this ‘Remastered Trilogy’ in time for Mass Effect 5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is expected to launch on May 14, 2021, on PC (Origin, Steam), Xbox One, PS4, and the next-gen consoles (PS5, and Xbox One Series X|S).

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