I Love/Hate New World (part 1)

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New World was launched five months ago and it was also my first time going back into MMO since Maplestory 2. The New World player base has been on the decline which is expected to some extent, but most players stop playing due to reasons that come in different shapes and sizes.

Initially, I’ve attempted to create one article that address this topic — now it turned out to be a lengthy novel no one has time to read (including myself). Instead, I’d like to write a series of articles as to what I love and hate about Amazon’s New World. This is a bite sized content about my love-hate relationship with New World. Here is what I love/hate about the New World:


The world of Aeternum serves as one of the anchors to the many players that keep playing New World. Aeternum is your mysterious home that feature different biomes that are screenshot worthy. The places in Aeternum seem organic and functional.

There’s a spot for fishing away from a busy mob; there’s a vividly coloured forest akin to the fall season for your screencaps; and you also have a place filled with dread and gray as a result of the lore. Press that Alt+H, and F12 away! The environment feels natural unlike MMOs catering to Eastern Anime design.

Aeternum pulls you in and makes you feel part of the world. I don’t feel disconnected from it. Instead, I am one of the marooned souls in Aeternum trying to survive at first. Once learning the ropes, it’s time to thrive above the day-to-day life. Aeternum is a place where you can spend your other life and encourages you to explore it. Aeternum can be home. 


The body block is annoying — but the body push from enemy mobs is ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS


Body blocking occurs when a character in a game blocks your path and is common in MOBAs and RPGs (example: Lydia in Skyrim). The body block I understand — but I LOATHE the body push in New World! Low level mobs CONSTANTLY body push you off a platform with their normal attacks and onto some knee-deep water which hampers your movement, JUST SO you can climb up the platform only to get pushed off again before getting the simple kill. It’s a constant annoyance that turned off a lot of players.

It’s not about mobs using a skill to push you off. I’m talking about mobs constantly pushing you off without any reason. And it’s frustrating that your normal attacks don’t even body push the enemies!

You can make a case that the body push has a place in the game, because the enemies are strong or gigantic, but you can make an equal case that your character possesses the strength to withstand it too. For example, a gigantic ravager smashes its fists onto you and you survive. The sheer force would’ve been deadly. But Aeternum is a fantasy world. You can make a case that body push prevents players from staying on top of a sacred ground (a circle of healing); however, you can also make a case that a sacred ground can be a target for stuns or AOE attacks. SO GET RID OF THIS BODY PUSH.

More on Part 2:

Anyway, I’ll leave you with these two first. It may also be apparent that I have more things that I hate than which that I love. But I’d still like to support New World. The game is one of my investments after all. I mean I paid for it and I’m spending my time on it. The things I do love on New World outweighs that which I hate.

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