LA TwitchDrop Helagaia Pets

Here’s how to get the Helgaia Pet in Lost Ark

LA TwitchDrop Helagaia Pets
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Helgaia Pet Twitch Drop – Lost Ark x Adobe Collaboration

This version of the Helgaia pet is just for the collaboration of Lost Ark, DatMods, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Gen Create. The drop is now available for Twitch viewers to claim, you need to look for the streamers that have drops enabled for Lost Ark in order for you to get the chest. This drop contains a Helgaia Pet Selection Chest, Legendary Rapport Selection Chest, and a whopping 1,000 Amethyst Shards! The TwitchDrop is only available from November 1, 2022 (10:00 AM CST) until November 29, 2022 (1:59 AM CST). You will have to watch the drops enabled stream for 4 hours to claim this Drop reward. You can find the instructions on how to claim the reward on the Twitch Drops page.

With the collaboration of Amazon Games, DatModz, and Adobe they were able to reimagine the most favorite pet in Lost Ark. Throughout their stream, the community provided input about the pet’s colors, while learning how AGS uses Adobe Creative Cloud in their behind the scenes. This is what they have created with the said editing tool.

Members of the Smilegate RPG team then brought the reimagined pet to life, carefully crafting it in-game. We asked the original concept artists of the Helgaia Guardian and the Helgaia Pet what they thought about the new versions coming from the collaborative stream and the Twitch community.

“Helgaia’s concept is derived from a phoenix, and No. 2 (the bottom one) captures that essence well. no.1 (left) is refreshing to me because the color scheme reminds me of tropical birds that reside in South America. Meanwhile, I may be wrong but no.3 (right) looks like a baby from no.1 & no.3 (chuckle)” - Helgaia Concept Artist

“It was refreshing and fun to see the bold and various color variations that are different from the base Helgaia, which had a phoenix look. I look forward seeing those pets complete with visual effects in the LIVE game!” - Helgaia Pet Concept Artist

Thanks for your support, and to all those who participated in the creation stream! We’ll see you in Arkesia, soon accompanied by your new trusty Helgaia companion.

Helgaia Pets in-game

Here are the screenshots of the pets in-game when you’re about to pick one.

  • Helgaia Pets - RoxxBird
  • Helgaia Pets - GabeModz
  • Helgaia Pets - ChatModz

This is by far one of my favorite new pets in Lost Ark. RoxxBird just looks amazing and so aggressive! Which pet would you choose? If you’re gonna ask me, I wish AGS and Smilegate would just simply give all 3 of them instead of just choosing one! It’s so hard to choose as they all look dope!

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