Brimstone Sands Capital

First look on the expansive Brimstone Sands (Spoilers!)

Brimstone Sands Capital

Everyone is hyped about the release of Brimstone Sands. This will be the biggest update in New World since launch. The zone is three times bigger than any territory. In addition to the Great Sword, there will be new NPCs, new enemies, expedition, outposts, materials, costumes, and more. Players do not need to purchase Brimstone Sands content.

What to expect in Brimstone Sands

According to Amazon Games:

Brimstone Sands is a new zone unlike anything else in Aeternum. Look forward to new enemies to fight, a new territory to control, and new stories to uncover.

Death hovers over the scorched wastes of Brimstone Sands, its thirst still unsatisfied even after centuries of strife and war. The ancient Egyptians first encountered the godlike Ancients here and built monuments and vast cities that were part of flourishing civilization thousands of years in the past. Their civilization is now long fallen to ruin, and few of those original inhabitants remain except for the mysterious sorcerer Imhotep, with whom players must work with to solve the desert’s mysteries.

The most immediate threat in Brimstone Sands is posed by the deranged remnants of the Roman Empire’s 19th Legion. What exactly befell the Romans must be discovered, but they have fallen to Corruption and now besiege the ancient ruins of a mysterious Pyramid known as Ahket. They are certain that within, they will find the secret to their redemption and the long-awaited resurgence of the Roman Empire.

• New Mobs – Scorpion, Lizard, Colossus, and more…

Almost all of the mobs in Brimstone Sands are new. There’s an armadillo that would curl up when you approach it. A lizard that runs on its hind legs was hilarious to watch. It’s going to take a little bit of time to transition farming here.

• New Expedition – Ennead

Players must challenge the Corrupted Legion head-on and delve into Ancient Ruins where they will face the vigilant Anubian Guardians and solve hieroglyphic puzzles to achieve new power.

When the sands settle, players will have explored ancient mysteries with Imhotep, defeated powerful Sand demons, and perhaps, if they persist, restored the rightful ruler who can finally bring order and hope to the region after centuries of chaos.

• New Weapon – Great Sword

An Adventurer wields the Greatsword in front of the Ennead Pyramid in Brimstone Sands.

There will be a new weapon in New World — the Greatsword. This weapon is a two-handed sword that deals slash damage. You can do 3 consecutive light attacks that you can cancel with a heavy attack. Heavy attack damage will vary when you charge it in between the light attack sequence.

  • Onslaught tree embodies relentless offense and focuses on defeating enemies before they can take you out.
  • Defiance tree excels at an aggressive defense that can survive and deal damage against multiple opponents.

The Great Sword scales the same on both Strength and Dexterity attributes. This means you will be able to pair it with a lot of weapon combinations.

Other Brimstone Updates

We’ve noticed map re-designs as well. Which are revamps to Everfall settlement and additional points of interests in Monarch Bluffs. But we were pleasantly surprised on finding faction bases: Marauder Enclave, Syndicate Enclave, and Covenant Shrine. We can imagine that these would be public meeting places for each faction.

• Monarchs Bluff Revamp



• Everfall Revamp



• Marauder Enclave

• Covenant Shrine

• Syndicate Enclave

The first thing we suggest doing on Brimstone Sands would be to increase the territory standing there. You’ll probably need a buddy to complete faction quests, however AGS has been addressing the solo experience. Increase your Standing so that you’ll be able to purchase a home there immediately! The houses have nice partitions and look amazing by the way!

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