Jesus in Space?

I’ve been reading The Expanse book series, and it briefly features space-faring missionary to the asteroid belt. He tells a main character that he believes humans will become angels in the end.

The world of The Expanse is a grim one in some ways, because the human race has become even more deeply divided than it is now. People who live on Earth don’t like those who live on Mars, and no one likes the people who live in the asteroid belts and outer planets. Living with low gravity makes these space-faring humans taller and thinner than those from earth, and the physical differences mesh with cultural and language barriers. Geography divides, and the vast expanse of space divides even more.

The missionary’s solution is to say that the human body doesn’t matter. We are all the same inside, so we ought to get rid of that which makes us different eventually.

I hope this fictional future world has Orthodox Christians in it, who affirm with their brethren, “I believe in the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.” Christ, who made and sustains the vastness of space, is the only hope for the human race. I doubt that space travel will ever progress to the point seen in The Expanse, but even if it does, the truth of the gospel would be as crucial as ever.

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