We Will Celebrate Christmas Forever

It happens every year. Supermarkets across the country start to stock Christmas supplies, and radio stations play Christmas songs. As soon as this happens, millions of voices cry out in rage and with flying spittle, “IT”S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING!”

Christians should probably get used to celebrating Christmas, though. Why? Because Jesus is God and man forever and ever. The Incarnation is irreversible, and it will always be worthy of celebration.

When the risen Christ returns to earth, he will raise the bodies of his people to life again, and we will live with him forever. It will snow, and we will light up trees and windows in celebration of the Creator of the universe, Lord of all, Homo sapien male.

We will make Christmas movies, and write Christmas songs much better than the ones we sing now. We will rejoice in our Lord, and with him.

The way we celebrate might change, but the joy will not. The Incarnation is the most astounding and offensive truth in Christianity, rivaling the resurrection. Many people believe in a god, even a singular all-powerful one. Very few believe this God became a human man, forever and always.

But God has come in the flesh. He has joined our species, and our genetic, biological unity with the great I AM is reason enough to celebrate a few weeks early.


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