Adventure Will Never End

The Tripods Trilogy, written by English science fiction author John Christopher, tells the story of young boys in the future fighting against gigantic, three-legged metal overlords. The first book, The White Mountains reads a little like The Fellowship of the Ring. Three boys depart their quiet village by moonlight, ready to escape the tripods and whatever other dangers might lurk.

The do reach the White Mountains (Alps) though not without adventure. They are chased, captured, and aided by humans, and they make their way through ancient, overgrown cities. Finally, they destroy one of the metal monstrosities.

We are drawn to adventure in books like this. The thrill of risk and of the unknown captivates us. We want to leave it all behind and strike out into an overgrown forest, or an ancient mountain range. We want to find the treasure.

When Christ returns, raising the bodies of his people from death forever, adventure will not end. We will live together with Jesus, going on adventure after adventure.

This isn’t the picture painted by popular views of “Heaven,” that depict nothing but endless singing at best, and bodiless nirvana at worst. The saints certainly will sing after the resurrection, forming orchestras, bands, choirs, and quartets. But they will also go on adventures.

When you boil down the adventure in The Lord of the Rings, removing all of the threat of death and cataclysmic failure, all you are left with is a very extensive game of capture the flag. That is what adventure will be like after the resurrection. We will play games and sports, not just on tiny boards or green fields, but over entire countrysides and mountain ranges. They will be filled with heroic deeds, physical conflict, and plenty of humor.

That is the future that awaits those in Christ. And it is coming closer and closer every day.

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