Halloween Belongs To Jesus Now

Halloween belongs to Jesus now.

It doesn’t matter how the holiday started. It doesn’t matter what kinds of demonic rituals or horrific vandalism took place on this day. Maybe these stories are true. Maybe they are not.

Jesus defeated sin and death. He ascended to the right hand of God, and he rules over everything. Every day of the year, and every part of human experience belongs to the Lord. Pumpkins belong to him. Black cats belong to him. Costumes belong to him. Candy belongs to him. Spooky October nights belong to him.

The question Christians face is not to celebrate Halloween or not to celebrate. The choice is, how do we interact with this day in a way that shows Christ’s lordship over all?

The same is true of Christmas. Some say that Christmas started as a pagan holiday filled with sinful behavior and worship of pagan gods. Maybe it did.

But we hijacked it. Jesus hijacked it.

It’s time to do the same to Halloween.

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