Jesus Shared in Our Migraines (& Other Sufferings) (Five Minute Friday: Share)

Share. The first thing that comes to mind is the idea that Jesus shared in our suffering. We often think of sharing as this overtly positive thing: “Share what you have with others,” referencing the good things. But when Jesus came, He did something unexpected. He shared in our sufferings.

The greatest suffering was actually why He came. He shared in our death, in our portion of the just wrath of our good God. He took it upon Himself. God Himself took on His own just wrath, even though He was the one Being who deserved none of it.

But that’s not the only suffering He took on. He took on our hurts. He had sick days—tummy aches, headaches, heartburn, migraines. Sleepless nights, the death of loved ones, colds, throwing up. Nightmares, bullies, hunger. All of it—and yet without sin. Fully human and fully God. Sharing in our suffering so we could share in something else.

Because, yes, He died. But He also rose. And those who are united to Him will be raised to share in His joys, share in bodies made new and free from sin and death. Because Jesus shared our sufferings, we get the chance to share in all of His goodness, in all of His promises. By faith, we can share in His good things by no good effort of our own. He needed to share with us because we were dead in our sin, with nothing on our own. Jesus’ sharing was not so much a sharing as a giving. He poured out and pours out, and we receive His sharing.

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  1. It is interesting, isn’t it? We tend to think of share in a “positive” nuance. However, if you think about it, share always involves sacrifice. Jesus’s act of sharing demonstrates this in the most extreme manner. Yet, we received abundance (the abundant life he promised) because of his resurrection.

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