Jesus Is Human and Divine

Jesus is God and a human man. Let’s think a little about this.

At various times in Christian history, believers have emphasized either Christ’s divinity or humanity above the other. It is a balancing act that the church has always maintained, and will until Jesus returns.

At this time, 2018, and this place, the United States, the church usually emphasizes Jesus’ divinity. It is easy to see why. Christians are still recovering from the rampage of modernism, still fighting for the supernatural. It is an important battle, but even in the middle of it, we still need to be thinking about the humanity of Jesus.

God is with us

Through Jesus, God is now with us in an incredibly intimate way. He joined our species. He spoke audibly with other humans. He saw them, and interacted personally. The God of the Bible has always interacted personally with his people, but all of those interactions were leading up to Jesus coming as a man. He is one of us, and he will be with us forever.

If Jesus wasn’t human, or stopped being human, then he isn’t one of us, and we are separated from God by a vast gulf. God is timeless, all-powerful, and all-knowing. We can barely imagine a being like this. How could we have anything in common?

God was the human we couldn’t be

In other monotheistic religions (Islam, deism, etc.) the distant God makes rules, and the humans try their best to follow them. But they can’t. This isn’t a problem in Christianity, because God himself became a human and followed all the rules perfectly (being God). Christianity is not about what Christians do or don’t do. It is about what the man Jesus did.

The human race is the most valuable thing in the universe

In universal scale, humans are laughably small. This doesn’t decide worth, though. God, creator of it all, became a human being, elevating the species to a value beyond any other.

The human and divine natures of Christ meet in the resurrection

The resurrection, when the body of Jesus, three days dead, came alive again, was a miracle. Jesus’ divinity was clearly displayed, and his human body was raised.

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