The New World

I, Noah, sat on the hill, the ship behind me and the valley in front. A breeze tossed my hair.

The world was new. Purged from all evil. The works and evidence of humans was gone from the land by the catastrophic disaster the Lord had sent.

It wouldn’t last, I knew. My sons had already built cabins, and their children would spread out into the new planet, building as they went. Their wickedness, my wickedness, would spread, and the earth would be polluted once more.

But I was not afraid. The Lord had cleansed the earth once, and he wold again. The man we waited for would crush wickedness, and kill death forever.

I wouldn’t see that day, I knew. But I would see him. One day.

I picked myself up. It was time to build a new civilization. It wouldn’t be any better than the last, likely, but it would still be a new start.

I laughed, and my family glanced at me. I was old, but the new earth was blooming like Eden, and the smell of growing things was all around us. It was time to grow some food.

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