The War

I squinted across the line of trees. The enemy was out there somewhere, but they were invisible for now. I shifted in my watchtower, my eyes sweeping back and forth, trying to stay vigilant. Once they came, they would come fast.

Someone came up the tower. I smiled at my friend, raising my fist. “They have kept us down for years, but it all ends today, no?”

She responded with her own fist, but then we heard the engines. My heart started beating fast as the flying machines zoomed into view, speeding towards the wall.

We both cried out, sounding the alarm as we ducked out of the way. The machines rained down from the sky thick, their riders screaming and shouting. I ran along the wall, leaping into the air to tackle on the riders.

My body crunched against his, and he flew away as I clung to his machine. the flying machine hummed as it flipped over and over. The sun flashed by my eyes several times before I righted the vehicle.

I had control, and now I was going to fly back into the fight. I would drive the enemy away from our stronghold. We would not fail!

My machine was struck by another, and I flew into the air, tumbling. The green trees rose to meet me, along with the fragments of my machine.

I hit the ground with a thud.

I got up, dusting myself and hearing voices.

Nearby, among beautiful stones in the middle of a garden, sat a group of people having a history class.

“So as you can see,” the instructor said, “one boy’s simple act of kindness during the American Civil War was used by our Lord, and impacted lives until the the resurrection several hundred years later.”

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