The Secret of the Mountain, Part 1

RisenReviews is going to be branching out into fiction on Wednesdays. It will be goofy and hopefully, thought-provoking. This will be the first part of a small series to start out. 

On a distant mountain range . . .

The bold treasure hunter Leonard Baynes holds his light up to the stone wall, shielding himself from the icy wind with is arm. His gloved fingers run over the faint inscriptions etched into the stone itself. He squints to read them, but can’t. They are carved in an ancient and incomprehensible language, unknown to mankind. 

He pulls out his phone, fumbling with his glove to snap a picture. “Not that I can send it anywhere without service,” he says bitterly.

In frustration, he leans against the wall, which softly caves in behind him with a low rumbling vibration. He is left sitting on his rear and the cliff face retreats, revealing an opening from which warm light is shining.

Leonard is suitably flabbergasted, but he quickly picks himself up and enters the new space, stomping his boots against an even stone floor. Warm air greets him with a rush.

The space beyond is about the size of a suburban garage, carved from the stone of the mountain itself. Yellow light is coming from glowing spheres on the wall, powered by a technological secret that escapes the young  man. Like most technological secrets, actually. He doesn’t even know how light bulbs work.

Speaking of technology, the phone is back out quickly. He quickly slides his fingers across his phone, speaking into it.

“Diaries of Treasure Hunter Leonard Baynes,” he says. “I am in the . . . Eh, I’m in one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, and I have just found something unbelievable.”

Leonard advances into the room. It is clearly a room, designed for people. There is even a chair and table, made of stone, sitting off to one corner. They are all angles, and no flowing. Leonard walks towards it carefully.

“The chair I am seeing has odd dimensions, really big but a little squat as well. Hmm.”

As Leonard approaches the chair, another stone door opens silently, revealing a stone hallway beyond. The mountain beckons Leonard on, desiring to reveal its long-forgotten secret. 

Or else claim another victim.


More lights slowly illuminate the hallway with yellow beams. Leonard sees more inscriptions on the wall, and videos them with his phone.

There is only one thing to do. Leonard pulls a little black device out of his pocket, and presses a button on one end. “Hey guys?” he says into it. “I hate to admit it, but I was right. You won’t believe what I’m see . . . Nope, that’s too cliche. You should all come take a look at th . . . No, that’s even worse. Just get up here.”

He steps down the hallway, and further into the mystery. Little does he know that far below him, something is waking in the darkness, stirring from a long sleep.

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