Are Most People Good?

The song “Most People are Good” by Luke Bryan is a country music statement of faith. Bryan praises the country lifestyle, like kids playing outside, high school football, and hard work. He also anticipates heaven for most people and believes the world is a better place than the nightly news might indicate.

This worldview contrasts sharply with Christianity in for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the reference to working to earning salvation. The deepest disagreement, though, is in the opening line of the chorus and the main theme of the song.

Most people are not good. In fact, none of us are. We all fall short of God’s character, and we all commit sin against him.

For this reason, the world is not as rosy a place as Bryan is trying to make it seem. The nightly news does focus on negative news, but that is because people wouldn’t watch otherwise. And the stories they tell are real stories. The bad things they talk about really exist, and lots of others exist that are not shown on the news. People get sick, hurt, old, and they die. They hurt each other in terrible ways all around the world and all throughout history.

As much as Bryan tries to believe that there isn’t a problem, there is a problem. The solution to this conundrum is not working hard to earn a place with the streets of gold. It isn’t talking to friends in bars or having fun as a teenager. The only solution is Jesus Christ, God and man, who died and rose again. He is coming again, and he will end sin and death forever. The problem is worse than we want to admit, but the solution is better than we could have ever imagined. 

The world is twice as bad as it looks, at least until Christ returns, and so I think a rewrite of the song is in order. It could go something like this:

“I believe all people are bad, and every mamma’s done things that would make you real sad.”

Let me know what you think about the theology of country music in general, or if you have more rewrite ideas!

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