A Prayer about Potential (Five Minute Friday: Potential)

Potential. What a perfect first word for the first Five Minute Friday post of Risen Reviews.

When Kevin and I first dreamed about the idea of this blog, we were excited about the potential platform to share the gospel and encourage others in it. We still are excited, and we look forward to seeing how God will use the little things we write here to encourage discussion about truth in a way that celebrates unity.

That’s what we want this blog to be—a place with the potential for truth-rooted, gospel-centered, unity-producing discussion of the truths of Scripture and how they relate to the everyday moments of life and all its facets.

We’re excited for the potential to build a community of people excited about sharing and talking about the gospel with confidence, humor, and kindness. Those latter three words are features that are so lacking in the discussion of the gospel, even though they are so central to the gospel itself.

So, please pray with us at the potential to participate in the Kingdom of God in a new way. At the potential to bring truthful and fresh conversation around the same old truths that have united God-fearing, Jesus-loving people since the beginning.

May this blog be not just a place of potential, but a place where potential breeds actual results and produces a harvest where many come to know or better understand the glorious hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord, this is our prayer for this blog. May You be glorified. In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

[This post was written through and for Five Minute Friday, a prompt-based blog link-up and writing community.]

2 Replies to “A Prayer about Potential (Five Minute Friday: Potential)”

  1. Glad you joined in at FMF and I love your vision for your blog. It is amazing how our words have the potential to make a different for others, pointing them to the truth and hope they can find in Jesus. Praying with you that it won’t only be potential but that you will know the reality of God using your words. Visiting from FMF #14.

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