Football and the Resurrection

It is that time of year again, when the air turns crisp, leaves turn crisp in some parts of the world, and Americans start watching and playing their own version of football. It is a contest filled with brutal hits, athletic feats, and some math. In celebration of the season, I wanted to contemplate on football after the resurrection, since there will, after all, be some Americans from the last 130 years who rise in the image of Christ at his coming. 

No pads

Football players wear pads to reduce their risk of injury during all of the vicious contact that takes place during the game. People who play football after the resurrection, though, will be immortal and impervious to damage or pain. This, naturally, only means the hits will get even more powerful and awe-inspiring.

Colorful uniforms

I blame my affinity for primary colors on my exposure to sports uniforms. They are a great way to tell team from team, and this will still be necessary in the life to come.

Fight songs

We will require stirring battle music to celebrate the peaceful contest on the field, naturally. We won’t have a shortage of musically inclined people either, if the long Christian history of songwriting is any indication.

Feats of strength

Our renewed bodies will be capable of great physical feats. They will be strong, agile, and quick. And since no one can get hurt, all different sized men and women can play, not just big men.


The renewed Earth will grow some pretty nice grass, and I can’t imagine anyone fooling around with that artificial stuff with the ground up tire pieces.

No referees

Now there could be officials that keep track of the game, but when most people think of referees, they think about penalty flags, constant game interruptions, and most of all, complaining. That will be absent in this football. The players will all love each other, be kind, and unflinchingly honest about whether they stepped out of bounds or not. They won’t taunt, and they won’t argue. It would be almost like . . .

Jesus playing football

Jesus, being a human male, had to learn how to walk. It seems reasonable, then, that he should learn how to throw a spiral or a block. He is, after all, the Lord of all creation, including football and all sports.

Whatever sports we play after the resurrection, they will be competitive in the most loving way, fun, and celebrations of our bodily humanity, redeemed from sin and decay by Christ.

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