Logan Lucky and the Simple Man’s Gospel

Treasure isn’t just for the elite.

The 2017 film Logan Lucky is a heist movie featuring an out-of-work father, along with his family and friends, trying to rob a NASCAR stadium during the race. The story takes place in West Virginia, and features many rural, working class characters.

The Logan family, main characters of the movie, aren’t the only ones suffering under a curse either.

There are two kinds of characters in the movie: hard-working locals and rich people who are divorced from reality. These two categories don’t make for realistic societal commentary, of course, but they are simplified for the sake of the movie.

To be honest, this movie is no more imparting any kind of deep spiritual, economic, or political truth any more than my Peg Leg the Pirate stories. But it does depict ordinary, working class people in a positive light, and it does show them taking something that the rich people seem to think belongs exclusively to them, very much like my Peg Leg the Pirate stories. 

What we can learn is this: the gospel doesn’t belong to any one group of people. It doesn’t belong to European people, African people, stoic people, animated people, rich people, or poor people. This we know, but the gospel also doesn’t belong to intellectual people, or cultured people.

Christianity has a rich cultural tradition, and has boasted many fantastic thinkers and theologians. Its greatest preachers, however, were not educated men. Jesus’ disciples had more in common with the Logan family than Thomas Aquinas. This isn’t to negate the good brought by intellectuals, but to point out that the gospel can be easily understood by anyone.

God, the being who created the universe, became a human man. He lived and taught, was killed, and rose again, beating sin and death. He is coming again to raise his people from death and to live with them forever.

It’s that simple. It is good to be educated, to think for yourself, and to understand nuanced aspects of theology. But it is better to believe that.

If you do sit down and watch Logan Lucky, let me know how long you spoke in a West Virginian accent afterwards!

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