The Universe Will Last Forever

This statement is controversial, to say the least. The standard scientific model has the cosmos spreading out from an initial explosion several billion years ago, and freezing to death several billion years from now.

These theories, though, do not take into account Jesus Christ, the Lord of all creation. He is in charge of the whole universe, and he will make it live forever, just as we his people will live forever. Paul even makes a connection between the two in Romans 8.

Something should be noted, however. Christ sustains the universe forever because we, his people, will be adopted as the sons of God. We are the focus of redemption, and the universe is the footnote. 

This idea goes against prevailing conceptions of the universe, where size is everything. Go on YouTube and you can find videos comparing the sizes of celestial objects, and the empty spaces between them. The conclusion the viewer is intended to come to is this: we are so insignificantly small it is laughable. We are tiny compared to the universe. We are of no consequence.

Size, though, doesn’t tell the whole story. Modern smartphones are certainly more valuable than old computers, despite being smaller. We as humans are far more complex than distant, gigantic stars and galaxies.

Furthermore, God didn’t become a star. He became a human man, and so lent to our race a dignity and worth far above any other created thing.

We are the most important thing in the universe, and that is why, when we are raised to be like Christ, the universe will similarly be freed from decay.

It is all very unbelievable. I wouldn’t believe it myself is Jesus hadn’t walked out of his tomb 2,000 years ago. Our bodies decay and die, and the universe does the same, constantly losing order. But Jesus’ resurrection was different. It reversed the process of death and decay, and because of that we know our own bodies can be set free, along with the rest of the universe.

As a side note, there may be Christians who find this idea controversial. Some of us have been told that the universe will be destroyed by God, and that he will either start over, or not bother with a physical world, retreating us into a spiritual existence. I can only reiterate that Romans 8 is one of the clearest explanations in scripture of the fate of our bodies as Christians and the rest of creation.

A man is king of the universe.

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