Differences between Thanos and Jesus

We like to talk about popular movies here at RisenReviews, and since Avengers: Infinity War was such a popular movie we decided to post about it twice. This post covers some more overtly religious aspects of the film.


Thanos, salvific figure

In the movie, the blue giant Thanos is portrayed as a religious figure. His spokesperson speaks often of universal salvation, and both those he sacrifices and those who follow him are called his “children.” His followers are completely devoted to his cult of universal balance. They adore him, calling him the most powerful being in the universe. Additionally, Thanos sacrifices half the universe in order to save the other half in a dramatic apocalypse.

But how much does Thanos actually have in common with Jesus Christ, the real most powerful being in the universe? Let’s explore!


Thanos brings death, Jesus brings life

Thanos has a plan to save the universe. He sincerely believes that if he wipes out half of all sentient beings, then space won’t overcrowd. His plan involves death, and lots of it. The giant villain is enamored with death, and his entire religion is based on salvation through death. He seeks to kill because he feels it will necessarily make the lives of the living better, and so that it will conform the cosmos to his own personal idea of balance.

Jesus, on the other hand, has a plan to bring everyone who has ever died back from the dead. That day will be the opposite of Infinity War. Furthermore, his ultimate plan is to live with his people forever. Jesus cares about life, and not death. 


Thanos culls at random, but Jesus judges specifically

Thanos doesn’t care about individuals. He sees only the broader fate of the universe, and how balance can be achieved. He designed his gauntlet to kill half of the universe, but he also designed it to kill at random. Some live and some die, but Thanos has no control over each individual’s fate.

Jesus sees every individual, and every heart. Jesus will judge the human race at his return, separating those who belong to him from those who do not, but he does so based on his choosing and his love, and not random selection.


Jesus is all-powerful, while Thanos relies on six glowing rocks

Thanos is apparently a powerful fighter and leader even without his gauntlet and the six shiny stones that he collects, but with his weapon complete he can destroy half the people in the universe. Even with all this power, though, he still gets badly wounded by Thor, and could have been killed or defeated many times during his journey. His plans could have been thwarted, and probably still will be.

Jesus, by contrast, doesn’t even need to snap his fingers. He controls all of creation, right down to the tiniest particle and wave. He calms seas, withers trees, and raises the dead. Nothing is beyond his reach, and nothing can foil his plans. Thanos, in the words of Loki, “Will never be a god.”


Jesus trades his own life, while Thanos trades the lives of others

Jesus laid down his own life to take on the burden of the sins of all people. He was willing to submit himself to torture and execution for the sake of the people he loved.

Thanos only took the lives of others. He killed his own daughter in the name of balancing the universe, and destroyed Thor’s people, as well as Vision. Thanos made everyone in the universe sacrifice except himself. 


Thanos can’t save the universe, but Jesus can

Thanos cut the population in half, but mathematically it won’t take too long for it to grow back. Thanos’ plan of balancing the universe is a very temporary fix, aside from being cruel.

Jesus made the universe, and he controls it all completely. Only he can save it from destruction. And we know that he will.


Do you have any further contrasts? Think you know how Thanos will be defeated? Let us know in the comments section!

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