Thor Should Have Aimed for the Head

A costly mistake

As those who watch superhero movies know, The Avengers: Infinity War didn’t resolve so well. It was all set up for a climactic ending, featuring Thor getting a second shot at the villain Thanos with his new super-weapon. He throws the ax, and, as advertised, all Thanos’ power can’t stop it. The axe hits the blue giant in the chest, but he still manages to snap his fingers and escape after extinguishing half of sentient life in the universe.

Don’t worry, I went to and found out I survived the slaughter.

Now I’m not sure why an axe to the heart didn’t kill Thanos, but the movie seemed to be saying the head should have been Thor’s target if he wanted to instantly kill. So why did Thor just wound Thanos? Because he was angry, and he wanted to taunt his suffering enemy instead of simply defeating him. He thought a quick, painless death was too good for the giant.

As Christians, how should we respond to the defeat of evil?

We humans are conflicted creatures. We are made in the image of God, but we are fallen and sinful. When we see evil, the image of God flares up within us and we react. But our reactions often cause more harm than good as our sin infects them. We don’t just stop bullying. We treat the bully like a subhuman. We aren’t just glad a mass-murderer is put away, we hope his prison life is full of horror.

God sees evil, and he hates it, but his reactions to it are different than ours. Korah led a rebellion, and he and his people were killed. This was no Indiana Jones moment. It wasn’t prolonged. The earth swallowed them, and they were gone. Sodom and Gomorrah were not taunted. God did not delight in prolonging their destruction. It came in an instant. The entire earth before the flood was so wicked, and yet God wiped it all away quickly.

The destruction of evil is a necessary thing, but it is not what we should delight in. The great thing is that good survives, and will always survive. Evil will finally be eradicated from the universe when Christ returns, and then there will only be good. Evil isn’t worth wasting a second thought on after it has been dealt with.

The battle in Wakanda should have ended with Thanos dead and Wanda destroying the infinity stones one by one. Instead, we will now have to endure time traveling hijinks in Avengers 4. As Rose says in The Last Jedi, That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.”

Let me know how in the comments section how much you hated The Last Jedi!

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